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Tony Mullen works for the award winning Peard Real Estate Group, working from the  Joondalup office with another 20 agents. Tony, along with this highly successful and motivated business, features regularly in the top achievers’ awards.

Since arriving in Perth in 2003, Tony has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Australian Real Estate Market and this has resulted in fantastic results, not only for him but for his hundreds of clients. Tony is regularly awarded for his outstanding results, by both REIWA and the Peard Group.

He has a vast amount of experience and expertise in print and digital marketing, gained over the past 20 years successfully working for The West Australian, The Daily Mirror and Thompson Regional Newspapers in the UK.

Tony has now combined his expertise, vast marketing/sales experience, commitment and professionalism, along with the totally customer focused attitude and results driven principles of the Peard Group, when he personally goes to work for you.

He will strive to deliver exceptional results as all his expertise is put to work for you to maximise your property’s potential in today’s market.

He is a very proud Australian citizen along with his wife and two sons.   Being an English migrant he has had first-hand experience with the visa system and in assisting migrant buyers with their many questions.  Having been through the system himself he now prides himself on being able to help others.

Tony is aware that this means absolutely nothing to potential sellers and insists his role is to listen to the hopes and needs of the seller to ensure that he can put a plan into place to achieve an outcome they are happy with.

"I have no interest in knocking for sale signs in people’s gardens to sit back and wait for the phone to ring, I will leave that to the others.  I am an extremely active agent. My job is to create activity and search for ’emotional’ buyers. Emotional buyers introduced to real competition during negotiation can often pay a premium price for property". 

Tony, whilst at Peard Real Estate has received numerous letters, testimonials and phone calls praising his abilities and the results achieved.

"Receiving awards are a great honour but it's the personal thank you's I receive from my hundreds of clients and the friendships I have made that I am most grateful for, whilst doing my job".


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